That’s an idea we can all get behind. But an extended batch of time off? That’s called a sabbatical, and it may be more within your reach than you realize.

In general, when someone discusses a sabbatical, they’re talking about an extended period of time that they’re able to take off of work. Unless your company has a specific sabbatical policy, that time off is generally unpaid—but it can be several weeks or even several months.

At first glance, you might think this is something that a company wouldn’t agree to, but it can end up paying them dividends. That extended time off can help employees rejuvenate and improve their overall well-being. They can come back happier, healthier, and more fulfilled, too.

Not everyone spends a sabbatical in exactly the same way, either. So what are the ins and outs, and how can you use—or help implement—sabbaticals at your workplace? This graphic by Discover can help.