Pokémon has taken over the world. One top on your smartphone and they are everywhere. To tell the truth, Pokémon Go only allows people to plunge into a virtual world. However, if you look more attentively you will see that some Pokémon are very similar to our colleagues in the real world. Not in terms of appearance, but character.

Pikachu, Pidgey, Slowpoke… Each character has his own strengths, charisma, and unique abilities. We decided to imagine and compare Pokémon to the types of people in any office. Maybe, your colleagues will appear in our selection :)


Don’t argue with him. Never. However, if you do decide to discuss something with him, be ready for a strong flow of emotions and genuine outrage at why his opinion is not being accepted unanimously. In discussion, he transforms from a nice, reasonable person into a fury with fiery eyes, who very hotly defends his position. Even if it is not the right one. He’s a real fire dragon!



There is a manager like this in every company—one who scares employees with his sharp, caustic remarks at meetings. He can find the weak points in employee presentations and purposefully “stings”. And if the report is very poor, the entire audience turns into this Pokémon and attacks collectively.



This lovely creature is the complete opposite of Charmeleon because our “fire dragon” can’t even argue with him normally! Pidgey will avoid conflict to the end, saying, “Let’s discuss it later,” “I’m sorry, but I should prepare the report,” or “Oh, I’m sorry, but I have to go”. In severe cases (when Charmeleon is too aggressive), he simply flees.



He is so slow. Creepy. The words “deadline” and “time constraints” mean little to him. He lives in his own rhythm and he does not always understand what his boss wants from him. Rather, when he is told something, he nods in assent, but then he frantically begins to think, “What should I do?”.



He is everyone’s favorite. The office cutie, who men respect and women love. He is amiable, smiley, and, if necessary, offers his help. He knows and can do quite a lot, but he doesn’t strive to move up the career ladder.



Clefairy is a cute intern. He is always smiley, always nice, always friendly. How happy he becomes when his senior colleagues turn to him! He tries to work hard to get the approval of his leaders.



She is the “Femme Fatale” of the office. A graceful figure, alluring gait, languishing look… All the men of the company dream of going on a date with her. She’s aware of her beauty and skillfully uses it: many colleagues are willing to help her if only she will light up their day with a beautiful smile.



Have you ever met this slouching, forever disgruntled employee with a tired look and a coffee mug? That’s Mankey. Everything annoys him: colleagues, endless reports, and this cold coffee. He keeps mumbling, “When will you stop talking?” “How much longer can you work on one project?” and “What could be useful in these reports?”



He loves fitness. He is as handsome as Apollo. Crowds of girls hover around him and dream of touching his muscles. And he doesn’t object: Machop adores attention. He can talk about healthy eating and exercise for hours. But not about work.



He is good as a person, excellent as a specialist, but… He smells horrible! Managers don’t know what to do with him: on the one hand, he does everything efficiently and on time, but on the other hand, his colleagues don’t want to sit in the same office with him; they always complain… And the recommendation, “Excuse me, Mr. Gloom, but could you pay attention to your appearance?” is ignored by him: “Oh, really? I haven’t noticed it. However, I think that the main thing is how I work, and I am sure I work well”. It’s a headache for any manager.



Golem is an employee with nerves of steel and a “stone shell”. When his colleagues are running around the office and crying, “Oh, my God! We don’t have time! Aaaa!” he calmly finishes his business. He is able to withstand even the explosive power of a harsh meeting with the boss. Die hard.



He is a person with a unique mind. He knows everything. Every project team is glad if he becomes a member, because he will always find the way out of a difficult situation.