“Summertime and the living is easy…” Every year we look forward to this wonderful time — bright days, starry nights, warm weather, and, of course, vacations!

However, what are those who work all summer to do? Be sad and miserable, looking at happy colleagues’ faces on Facebook? No, of course! You should find other sources of inspiration to keep your work productive.

We would like to help you with this difficult task: below, we offer 10 films about overcoming your obstacles and conquering new peaks. So, let’s go!

The Intern


After the death of his wife, Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) can’t live without work. He gets a job as an intern in an online fashion store. Everything should be good, but the team and its boss, Jules Ostin, are all young… How is Ben to make contact with them? How is he to show that old methods still work? Ben knows the answers.

The Walk


Phillipe Petit has a dream to walk the tightrope — stretched between New York’s Twin Towers. Many friends think this idea is crazy and try to dissuade him. However, Phillipe assembles a team of like-minded people, who can help him to make this risky, difficult, but awe-inspiring step.

The Revenant


Survive when you are injured. Survive when everybody has betrayed you. Survive to restore justice. This film shows that anyone can overcome all difficulties to defend themselves and their family. To their last drop of blood.


maxresdefault (1)

The conquest of any vertex is always difficult. And what can we say about the highest peak on the Earth? Will this group of dedicated people under the leadership of handsome Jake Gyllenhaal be able to conquer it? Risk, fear, pain, sacrifice (we think that you have similar feelings at work meetings).

You should see the movie.



The basis of the film is the biography of Joy Mangano, who invented the miracle mop and become a successful entrepreneur.

She encountered many problems, coupled with her own depression and raising little children. And suddenly the idea opens the path to success! But you need to put in a lot of effort and to have a lot of patience to walk this path. And Joy did it.

The Finest Hours


New England, 1952. The strongest hurricane hit the coast. The huge tanker split into 2 parts, and the sailors were on the verge of death. The coast guard decided to save them.

Interesting story and stunning special effects.

The Martian


This is a story, where iron will, faith in yourself, and a mad desire to get home are key! The Mars expedition astronauts leave engineer Mark Watney on Mars alone, believing him dead in a wild sandstorm. However, he survived and didn’t lose hope that he would see his home planet again.

A Hologram for the king


What do you do, when you lose everything (your work, home, and even wife), but you have a beloved daughter, and you need to pay for her college education?

You have to go to Saudi Arabia and offer your hologram project to the king. However, what you don’t know is that this forced trip will change your life.


maxresdefault (2)

This is a story about stupidity and loss, about friendship and believing in yourself, and about the dream, which has come true.

This is a story about a chef who decided to assemble a team and open a new restaurant after many losses.


maxresdefault (3)

This cartoon is added to our selection consciously: great graphics, humor, a detective story… But the most important aspect of the cartoon is the idea that nothing is impossible. And even a small rabbit can become a good COP!

So, how is our selection for you? “There are films about people with a difficult fate in your selection,” you say. But we want to add, “These films all have the theme that all difficulties can be overcome”. Even working all summer J And if Hugh Glass in “The Revenant” could do it, can’t we?

Image credits: rabstol.net, boberr.com, movienetworkpr.com, i.ytimg.com, images4.alphacoders.com, kino-kingdom.com, themartianfilm.nl, api.vkino.com.ua.