WISP, an innovative mobile HR solution, announced that new version of the platform will be expanding its functionality.

With the new update, HR-managers will have the opportunity to create polls, the results of which will be available on all WISP-linked employee devices. Employees will also be able to share files in all formats of up to 200MB.


The WISP update offers yet another additional function: employees will be able to share their status (online/offline) and see the status of sent messages (delivered/read).


With increased functionality in mind, WISP is also now integrated with BambooHR. WISP clients who use this international online system will be able to sync their existing lists of employees with WISP.

“We never stop updating and upgrading our service,” said Vera Reshetina, CEO of WISP. “By responding to our customers’ feedback and modern trends, we try to keep the list of available features up to shape. Now we have added new functionalities that will allow companies to remain even closer to their employees and, as a result, to work more productively. We hope these new WISP features will help you to track your company’s activities as it grows and evolves.”

About a year old, WISP already collaborates with dozens of companies and organizations around the world, including the famous Ohio University  Marching Band 110.



About WISP

WISP is a simple SaaS service for HR managers. It helps to create mobile employee handbooks for your company in just 20 minutes. You can upload your logo, customize the color scheme, and then add company policies, news, and staff contacts. It also includes a built-in messenger to facilitate employee communication.

To protect its customers’ data, WISP uses a combination of proven technological solutions and privacy protection methods.

WISP is a division of the software services company CactusSoft.

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