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  • How is to bring love to the workplace.
  • Emoji dilemma.
  • Revealing a story for managers about Louis Van Gaal, the coach of Manchester United.
  • Bad hires and how is to avoid them.
  • HR & Marketing: what should they be in common among them?

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Love and respect at work are becoming one of the most decisive factors in job searching


For the last 100 years, the work process has lost its humanity and “heart”. The reason of it is the wish to leave our feelings and emotions outside the office door in order to achieve greater productivity.

Now employees are becoming more nomadic, moving from one job to the next, searching the better job place where they can be valued and respected. How is to bring love to your workplace? The answer is on TalentCulture.


To Emoji Or Not To Emoji?


Emojis is becoming popular in many spheres. Such funny smiles can cheer up and turn the most difficult conversation into something simple and clear. However, may we use emojis at work? TLNT knows the answer.


What can all employers learn from Manchester United dismissing Louis Van Gaal?

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - AUGUST 05: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Manager Louis van Gaal of Manchester United in action during a first team training session at Aon Training Complex on August 5, 2015 in Manchester, England. (Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images)

We all know about Manchester United dismissing the coach Louis Van Gaal. This story may become edifying not only for its participants but for employers, too. The details are on hrreview.co.uk.


How to avoid bad hires


The recruiter mistakes may adversely affect to a company’s success and profit. In fact, the true wealth of any company is its staff. How is to avoid bad hires? HRGrapevine Magazine knows the secrets of it.


Why HR will look more like marketing in the future


“HR needs to become more like the marketing function in the future in order to attract and hire the right talent to boost organizational performance,” said Tamara Erickson, an expert on organizations and the changing workforce.

Why should HR managers act like marketers? The answer is here.

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