We continue to share with you the latest articles about HR management! Today in HR Friday 2:

  • HR management with correct questions
  • Gamification
  • The trends of onboarding process
  • Stress management

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How managers can get better results by asking better questions


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Asking employees correctly, HR managers can get all the necessary information about their competence, what they can do and how they can help a company to achieve its important goals. However, it is not simple to ask because if a question is not formulated precisely, you won’t get essential information about your employees’ competence and their suggestions for work improvement.

How can a manager ask such questions? TLNT knows the answer.


It’s time to “Level Up” with Gamification


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Gamification is a tool that combines game elements and nongame activity. The power of games is in changing the perception of information. It becomes simpler, clearer and more accessible.

Many companies understand the advantage of games and use them in various fields, in particular, in HR. Gamification is the key to improving corporative culture and employee engagement. Successful companies such as Accenture, Deloitte, GE, Ford, Google and Microsoft use Gamification in their work. It becomes a new trend in HR.

The informational portal Talent Culture offers the ways of implementing gamification tools in HR management. You can find them here.


Five ways to make onboarding more successful for new employees

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Onboarding is a difficult process for a company and its new employee because it consists of emotional and rational components. TOP Employers Institute offers five trends which are useful in effective onboarding process.


4 tips on managing mental health in the workplace


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Stress, depression and weak psychological health not only affect the quality of life but the efficiency of work. The primary task of HR manager is to support the mental health of employees. Alexandra Mizzi, the Senior Associate at Howard Kennedy, gave her four tips on how to manage mental health in the workplace to HR Grapevine.

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