Professional HR manager should follow the latest trends in the industry and draw knowledge from trusted sources. We have decided to help you with such a difficult task. We are running a regular selection of articles “HR Friday”. Now we are going to share with you Top-5 HR publications from the beginning of May! So, let’s get it started!

Employees find work meetings pointless and stressful


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According to several studies (The Meeting Psychology Study, the Research from hotel chain Radisson Blu UK, the study from Goldsmiths University and the research from electronics manufacturer Barco), many employees consider work meetings useless and ineffective. Some of them even confessed to doodling instead of taking notes.

In addition, the presentation of work results and the discussion of business issues increased workers’ heart rate by 40 percent!

You can read the detailed research in HR Magazine.

So, think about the effectiveness of work meetings in your own company…

Mobile technology impacts HR industry 


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Considering how tethered many of us are to our smartphones, it should come as no surprise that employees appreciate mobile access to information as much as customers. 37 percent of mobile users rely on their smartphones to access pay information through an HR app. Therefore, Mobile technologies are becoming a perspective tool, which allows companies to manage HR processes effectively.

How can we use Mobile in HR?

  • Mobile use for HR needs.
  • Mobile use to attract a younger workforce (in particular, Generation Z).
  • Mobile HR Apps.
  • Mobile Recruiting.

You can find the comprehensive information about the influence of Mobile in HR here.

13 Ways Measuring Quality of Hire Will Positively Impact Your Business


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“Measuring the quality of hire is the most strategic action you can take in corporate recruiting”. We all understand this indisputable truth. However, how can we study the quality of hiring in our company?

Dr. John Sullivan gives the answer to this question in his article. Here is it.

5 Key Steps to Turning Your Business into a Collaborative Environment

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A collaborative environment is the future of HR. It is not just words. According to KGWI 2014 research, 57 percent of workers chose a “highly collaborative environment” when asked what features they would include in their ideal work environment.

How can a company build such a high collaborative environment? The answer is on Entrepreneur.

Expert eulogises benefits of napping at work


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“A nap is like a shower for your brain. It’s about taking the pieces we have to juggle all of the time, and putting them down for a minute”.

“Naps are good for people because they serve as a cleaning the inbox function”.

“If you have regular naps, you will store, retain and recall information faster and more effectively”.

It is all about a nap at work! By the way, naps can increase the effectiveness of employees because the average worker is unproductive 72 days a year due to lack of sleep.

The details are here.

We suppose it is not a bad idea to have a nap at work :)


So, we finish our first HR Friday on such a fun note :) Conquer new HR heights and have a great weekend!