What is the most important in any business?  Is it financial profit? But many successful companies started their work with empty pockets. Is it a large staff? Well, the quality is usually more important than the quantity.

In fact, everything is much easier. Time and information are the main recourses for business. Time is money, and the information is the new opportunity for growth. The info about a company’s life and policies, its news and events submitted quickly and promptly are of great importance. It makes your worker’s team effective and your business successful!

However, precious time is wasted, and significant corporative news is not available to everyone. WISP developers are working hard to help you to use business resources productively. The communication in your company will become simpler with the latest version of WISP!

So, let’s start!

The Updated WISP App for Windows Phone. Push notifications

Everybody who uses WISP app on Windows Phone saves time due to fast and stable app work. The company’s news is now more visible for the users.  WISP app sends push notifications when a news item is published.

QR codes are in the past


WISP users may remember the days when they had to scan QR code to start working with the app. Now this black and white element is history. The updated WISP allows you just to go to your work e-mail client after registration, and press the confirmation button. And WISP is ready to use!

Time and information. There are two resources required for every company. And WISP will help to use them effectively!