compiled the list of few GIFs, perfectly describing the job of an HR manager. See if you can find yourself there!

How HR managers see themselves when they start a career:

HR the beginning of the career

Whenever an HR manager is calling out an employee for “talk”:

HR & communication

When a candidate has a list of visited conferences as “achievements”:

tiger & the princess

When a candidate describes his/her hobbies:


Whenever a candidate is talking about his/her experience which can prove itself useful for new job:


Whenever you’re searching for a social media manager:


Whenever you ask managers to increase the funding for HR department:


Whenever you ask managers to pay for access to candidates’ pool:

When you try to reach the balance between candidate’s skills and requirements:

When employees want to offer some ideas about corporate event:

When you asked your colleagues for ideas regarding corporate event:

Whenever you try to explain your managers why you can’t hire in one day:

Whenever your boss asks to find 10 new employees before weekend:

When you look at candidate’s resume:

When you try to find your candidate among your Facebook friends:

When you ask your developers to rate the candidate:

When you try to reply to all your candidates: