The middle of November is not so hot if you judge it by weather but it’s certainly hot when it comes to startup environment in Belarus, where our development team is located. The reason is simple – it’s Global Entrepreneurship Week that is held yearly in Minsk! In case you missed it, GEW is the annual international project aimed at spreading of entrepreneurship ideas. This event was first held at the United Kingdom in 2006 while Belarus enjoys it for the fourth time since 2011. It’s not something unusual for the rest of the world too; there are 140 countries worldwide organizing their own GEW annual events.

There are a lot of activities organized during GEW, all of them focused on innovation, business leadership and projects development. For this reason alone, major speakers from all around the world gather in one place, as well as young entrepreneurs.

Of course, WISP team couldn’t pass this opportunity! That’s why we’ve decided to participate in Bel.Biz Battle 2015 startup competition, and so it has become our main goal for GEW. The event itself took place on November, 17th at Minsk, and we were there! Mikhail Kartamyshev (WISP project manager) was the one who represented our product.

His pitch and presentation were flawless and left good impression on official jury of the contest… And WISP was chosen as one of the winners! We are extremely happy about this achievement since the battle was tough (but fun), our competitors were worthy but we got our own small personal victory that we are proud of.

But it doesn’t mean that we’ll stop right here. We’ll keep working on WISP to turn it into the best SaaS solution for HR managers to connect their employees to company’s life!